Following that, the offending CnC server was removed on September 15, 9:50 AM PT, following Avast collaboration with police force. During that time, the Cisco Talos team, who has been taking care of this matter in parallel, registered the secondary DGA domains before there was the opportunity. With these two actions, the server was disassembled as well as the threat was effectively eliminated as the attacker lost the ability to provide the payload.

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It seems that Bitthief will not only prevent fair sharing but additionally spies on users who use the consumer. torentfreak notes that Bitthief is now collecting "the torent hash, total sized the download, the present version of your client, final number of pieces available, and also the sized these pieces" which is often clearly of this particular users IP address which makes it very easy to identify all activity of an certain user.

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Independent, small-shop freeware makers like Irfan Skiljan, author of IrfanView may indeed be facing new difficulties. But what about the foundation freeware MediaWiki, Mozilla, the different Apache offerings? Some of these items (Apache web server, for instance) is incredibly, very competitive with pay-market offerings. And there seems to be a viable area for split free-to-download, pay-for-support models Moodle, the traditionally used teaching platform, costs nothing, but the developers are backed up by various providers of install-and-support services.

Yahoo is belonging to Verizon now. The company who hates the idea of open internet. The company who restrict their costumer internet simply because they could make more money like that. ISP is going to be permitted to sale our browsing habits due to them. These guys are part of the big ISPS behind the funding of an FCC Stooge that is declaring war on an empty internet / Net Neutrality- the EXACT OPPOSITE of what Mozilla believes in. Dropping Yahoo is the greatest thing they are able to of done. Verizon bought yahoo given that they want that search data for many big $$$.

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Mule, thanks very much for that factoid on Acronis. However, I need to hear from anyone who has actually taken a compressed files full backup, for at least 25GB from HDD, to completion on multiple DVDs, preferably double layer. Most file backups claim they can try this but I never have found one that actually performs. Maybe Ill give up and get another external hard disk and hope it doesnt quit such as the last one.